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Education Reporter, The News Gazette- IL; Editorial Intern, Talking Points Memo- NYC; Exec. Editor, The GlimmerGlass ONU- IL; Freelancer, The Mahomet Citizen- IL; Intern, The Daily Caller- D.C.

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Daily Caller

Celibate gay man encourages students to abandon cultural, sexual ...

Celibate gay man encourages students to abandon cul...

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Daily Caller

Obama honors NASCAR champ, denounces 'cowardly' attack | The ...

WASHINGTON -- During his speech Tuesday honoring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Brad Keselowski, President Barack Obama vowed again to bring justice to those who committed the

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Daily Caller

Former CNN anchor joins Al-Jazeera America, plans to host new ...

CNN’s former chief business correspondent recently joined the American branch of Al-Jazeera, with plans to develop and host a daily business program. Ali Velshi, former host of CNN’s “Your Mo

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Daily Caller

Social media services tackle what to do when a user dies

Rest in peace: Many social media services now have systematic plans for what happens to accounts after a users’ death.
Google recently joined other social media services in efforts to establish a syst...

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Daily Caller

Republican representative calls aspect of budget proposal a ...

A Republican member of Congress called the president’s acknowledgement of necessary entitlement program changes a “positive development” but said the budget, as a whole, was reckless. After P

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Daily Caller

Majority of Americans do not know how to do their taxes

The majority of Americans do not know how to file their taxes, according to a poll released Thursday.
Approximately two-thirds of American voters said the federal income tax system is too complicated ...

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Daily Caller

New study reveals that people love drunk munchies | The Daily Caller

Food choices move in an unhealthier direction for both men and women on days that they drink alcohol, according to a study recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The stud

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Daily Caller

New Barbie doll line criticized for 'promoting stereotypes' | The Daily ...

Not only do Barbie dolls cause eating disorders, they now, apparently, encourage stereotypes. The chairman and co-founder of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, Felix Sanchez, told Fox N

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Daily Caller

Consumer protection laws apparently do not help consumers | The ...

Consumer protection laws are rarely passed to help consumers, but rather to prevent competition for existing businesses, according to an Institute for Justice lawyer speaking at the American Enterpris

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Daily Caller

18-year-old beauty queen steps down amid sex tape scandal | The ...

Miss Delaware Teen USA passed off her tiara to the pageant's runner-up Tuesday after a sex video surfaced on a porn website, allegedly featuring the pageant queen. Melissa King denies the woman in

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Daily Caller

Boy Scouts members plan to keep sex and politics out of scouting ...

Concerned Boy Scouts of America (BSA) members will launch a national coalition on Saturday to keep openly gay individuals out of the organization. Parents, Scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts and other Boy

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Daily Caller

Church of Scientology accused of holding woman hostage, denies claims

The church of Scientology in Sydney is facing hostage-holding accusations after a young Taiwanese woman was hospitalized when she punched through a window at the church in order to, as she initially c...

Open uri20130226 30488 18vvmsx article
Daily Caller

Current TV defends Al-Jazeera, the station’s new boss

Current TV defended Al-Jazeera and its American expansion on its Thursday edition of Viewpoint, the station’s political talk show, hosted by comedian John Fugelsang.
Fugelsang slammed Fox News Channel...

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Daily Caller

Extinct frog species that gives birth through its mouth comes close to ...

Australian researchers hope to soon resurrect a 30-year extinct species of frog that gives birth through its mouth. The frog species, known as Platypus frogs, have been extinct since 1983, but rese

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Daily Caller

Five people arrested for plucking feathers from ostriches | The Daily ...

Five people, who stole $13,164.53 (R117,000) worth of ostrich feathers, were arrested Monday morning in Oudtshoorn, in the Western Cape of South Africa. The alleged defendants are scheduled to appe